Herpes symptoms


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rash Primary genital herpes have an incubation period of between 3-7 days. The symptoms may be severe but may well not be visible, especially if the wound is in the area of the cervix in women. At first, these symptoms are preceded by burning a few hours earlier in an area where there will be cuts. After the injury arises, the patient will experience symptoms such as malaise, fever, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches . Injuries that occur in the form of vesicles or bubbles. Then came the skin looks red and vesicles are clustered with equal size. The fluid-filled vesicles that rupture easily, causing injuries widened. In fact there are times when the surrounding lymph nodes enlarged and painful when touched.

In men, the symptoms will be more visible because the skin grows on the outside of the glans penis, penis shaft, testicles, or anus. In contrast, in women theā€¦

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